Eclecticus - A Whole New Frequency

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Eclecticus - So Illogical
Genres: Rock, Music
Released: June 7th, 2018


1So Illogical3:43$0.99CD Baby

2Losing Hope4:17$0.99CD Baby

3Busted3:37$0.99CD Baby

4Nothing's Gonna Bring Me Down4:01$0.99CD Baby

5Never Coming Back2:40$0.99CD Baby

6No Signs Of Life3:51$0.99CD Baby

7Waste of Our Time3:47$0.99CD Baby

8Ain't Got Nothing4:33$0.99CD Baby

Eclecticus - Easier Harder Stronger
Genres: Rock, Music
Released: September 16th, 2014


1Going Home3:38$0.99CD Baby

2Nothing's Gonna Bring Me Down3:22$0.99CD Baby

3Easier Harder Stronger4:35$0.99CD Baby

4Devil's Playground3:17$0.99CD Baby

5Get Me The President3:23$0.99CD Baby

6Took Me For Granted4:28$0.99CD Baby

Eclecticus - Hole Hearted
Genres: Rock, Music
Released: 2012


1Go It Alone3:02$0.99CD Baby

2Hary Conniption3:46$0.99CD Baby

3Blue Ruin3:32$0.99CD Baby

4This Life4:10$0.99CD Baby

5Closer3:22$0.99CD Baby

6Pulls Me Under3:48$0.99CD Baby

7Red Door3:24$0.99CD Baby

8State of Affair4:30$0.99CD Baby

9Event Horizon4:04$0.99CD Baby

Genres: Rock, Music
Released: Dec 15, 2009
uPlaya Records


1Less Like You3:33$0.99View in Amazon

2Passion and Fire4:08$0.99View in Amazon

3Rude Boy3:21$0.99View in Amazon

4God's Finger4:00$0.99View in Amazon

5Crazy Lover4:21$0.99View in Amazon

6This Town3:25$0.99View in Amazon

7Sabotage3:30$0.99View in Amazon

8Friday Night Out Bowlin'5:18$0.99View in Amazon

9Right by My Side4:16$0.99View in Amazon

10Better C'mon6:11$0.99View in Amazon

11Unshakeable Human4:30$0.99View in Amazon

12Nightingale5:35$0.99View in Amazon

13Comin' to Getcha3:35$0.99View in Amazon

14Real Love3:36$0.99View in Amazon

15Costa Rican Serenade5:01$0.99View in Amazon

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